Month: October 2012

Who says there’s no autumn in South Florida?


Summer is coming to a close, and fast approaching is the season of candy corn, spiced cider and crackling leaves under foot.  Visitors of the North will be traversing toward the land of perpetual summer– South Florida.

But, who says we do not, or cannot have a proper fall in a place where palm trees are always swaying and the soft swish of turquoise waves constantly call us?  We’ve come up with short a list of reasons why locals, and those who join them this time of year, have every reason to celebrate the traditional aspects of the fall season.

5. We definitely dress up for Halloween, and our costumes won’t require long-johns underneath to stay warm.

4. We still get to enjoy pumpkin spiced lattes– only ours come over ice, and we sip them lying poolside.

3. We can take full advantage of the later sunrise, with a morning stroll on the beach– in our SHORTS!

2. We spend less time raking leaves, and can devote that time to fun and leisure.

1. We can still take hair color inspiration from the deep and rich autumnal palette– but don’t have to hide that beauty from the world under hats, scarves and beanies!


A breathtaking glimpse of the range of color and richness fall provides.

Just as the trees in nature shed their spring and summer growth in beautiful arrays of gold, burnt orange, deep rust, chestnut, mahogany, and each hue in between, fall is the perfect time to trim away any unhealthy ends, summer damage or overgrowth your hair has accumulated.

But, as the natural world lays dormant for winter until a spring awakening, you need not wait that long to reap the benefits of healthier hair.  Take this autumn as an opportunity to bring forth the natural and rich tones in your hair color– and maybe even try a new look altogether.  And if you stay in South Florida, you’re sure to find a bathing suit to match!!




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