Month: April 2013

And The Winner Is…


Argan oil!  It’s the star component in MoroccanOil professional products.  This extraordinary “super-ingredient” is derived from the argan tree, which is known to be indigenous only to the arid and often harsh climate of Morocco.  For hundreds of years it was familiar only to the native people of that area.


As one of the only flourishing vegetation sources in the region, it is utilized as food, shelter and a medicinal cure-all, in much the same way neighboring Mediterraneans used olive trees and oil.


It’s as if Mother Nature took many of the great properties, afforded separately by other sources, and packed them all into a small fruit-covered nut on a tree in a remote place.  And now, the treasure has been uncovered!


When seeing the rejuvenating, fortifying and styling capacity argan oil brings to beauty products, it’s no wonder that it is now embraced worldwide.


Argan oil contains natural moisturizers that help fortify and heal distressed and damaged hair.  It adds a natural protection and a light hydration that can be applied to multiple hair types.  The chemists at MoroccanOil have championed this versatility with formulas that tame frizz, reduce drying time, add shine, moisture and strength.  There is truly something for EVERYONE, no matter the hair type or style.


Argan oil contains natural tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Vitamin F, which promote strength, protection and durability in hair and skin.   It contains betacarotene, the natural healer found in dark leafy-greens and pigmented plants like carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato.  It is found to be even more resistant to oxidation than olive oil, and shares this property with hair and skin when applied, helping to create a residue-resistant, light feel.  It also contains the following fatty acids: oleic acid (omega-9, found in olive oil), linoleic acid (omega-6, found in cocoa/shea butter), palmitic (omega, found in palm oils), and stearic acid (omega, a natural softening agent).


As a food and food additive, argan oil is recognized as a combatant to obesity, cardiovascular disease and an aid to reduce harmful LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides.   But don’t start swigging from your shampoo bottle yet!


As a MoroccanOil partner salon, we were chosen to share all these benfits with you! Over the past several months, with the purchase of (2) MoroccanOil products, your names were entered into a special giveaway.  MoroccanOil, in conjunction with our local distributor, TruStar Salon Services donated gift sets worth over $375 to use for pampering and beautification.


And the winners are… Austyn McAllister and Esther Tomcykoski!



Our stylists are proud to use MoroccanOil products at the shampoo and styling stations.  Our manicurists will soon be integrating the Moroccanoil Body care line into their services!


Stop in and give it a test drive!