South Florida hair

The happy medium between Marilyn Monroe and Janis Joplin

We are in the last few weeks of Summer… but here in South Florida, Summer sun and highlights are possible all year long.  The topic at hand is how to achieve truly natural sun-kissed hair color.  It is important for the blonde tones to not overpower or end up brassy.  The natural undertones shouldn’t be too dark or “blah”, drowning out your complexion.  Our goal at Salon Bongini is to achieve perfectly natural highlights by taking the time to study your natural color and undertones.  We will select the perfect color(s) and possibly a toner for you.  There is a happy medium out there for everyone… somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and Janis Joplin.

See below for some of our favorite before and afters.


Summer Hair in South Florida…humid.

Summer Hair should be like a day at the beach… relaxed, luminous and gorgeous!  The South Florida Summer sun and humidity make these beach-like characteristics tough to attain.  The Summer heat can be damaging to your hair’s cuticle resulting in dry, dull or frizzy hair..and there’s nothing gorgeous about frizz.

Get beachy with our Summer Hair Care Tips:

Protect: Use a thermal protectant like the Davines Melu Shield to both seal and protect hair.  Melu Shield is rich in essential oils and antioxidants to create a strong conditioning power.  Davines developed the Melu Shield to protect hair to up to 428 degrees F, when using blowdryers/irons to style hair can also help protect hair in high heat/sun exposure.  Apply the Davines Melu Shield evenly to locks of dry or damp hair before heating/styling hair, for all day protection and a great look.

Condition: We love the Davines DeDe and Melu Conditioners.  DeDe is a light leave-in spritz treatment enhanced with grape seed extract and includes a UV protectant. Ideal for all hair types, to be used prior to sun exposure.  The Melu deep conditioner is perfect for a long day out in the Sun.  Nourish your hair by washing gently and applying Melu deep conditioner, leave on for 2-5 minutes then rinse. The Melu deep conditioner is enhanced with Apricot butter to nourish dry, damaged hair.

Prepare and Feed:  Prepare your hair before going into a pool by wetting your hair with clean water. Wetting your hair prior to swimming closes the cuticle and helps protect it from harsh chemicals.  Feed your hair by drinking plenty of water and eating green leafy vegetables.

 Consume fruits and vegetables that have high water content such as melon, watermelon and red tomatoes, as these are beneficial for your hair. Also, ensure that your diet is rich in proteins.

Enjoy: Enjoy your relaxed, luminous and gorgeous beach-like mane.